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Soccer: $35.00/month Plus one time reg. fee of $30.00
Ballet: $35.00/month Plus one time reg. fee of $30.00
Gym: $40.00/month Plus one time reg. fee of $30.00

Children are observed every day for signs of illness. If your child becomes ill at the Center, you will be notified immediately. Please keep file updated with information such as work and home telephone numbers, and at least two emergency contact names and their telephone numbers.
If your child is not well before you leave home, please do not send him/her to the Center. Your child may not attend school if the following symptoms are present: a fever of 101 or higher, very heavy nasal discharge, a severe constant cough, rash, vomiting, and diarrhea. We do not want to spread communicable diseases if this can be avoided.
Medication can only be given if the parent completes and signs the DCF medication form. To administer antibiotics, you must leave a copy of the prescription at the center. This is limited to only two prescriptions. All medications will be left in the center’s office.
If an accident occurs, the center will complete an Accident Report. One copy will be placed in your child’s file and you will receive the other.

The center provides a hot lunch program, USDA approved.
Snack: The center will provide milk or different types of juices.
You are responsible to bring their mid-afternoon snack.
The monthly kid’s menu will be posted on the Bulletin Board.
Parents will be notified if the child does not eat at all or if he/she leaves any food in a daily report.

Your child’s full name should be on all of his/her belongings.
All children are required to wear the center’s uniform.
All children should have an extra set of clothes.
Your child should not bring any toys to the Center.
The Center provides a cot for rest time. It is mandatory you purchase the bed setting, which is $30.00
It is mandatory for you sign your child’s attendance sheet in and out every day. If anyone beside yourself is to pick-up your child, they must be on the authorization list. The person must show valid identification. Please keep this information up to date.
Do not send your child with jewelry. The center is not responsible for lost items.

Our program provides an exciting curriculum (“Creative Curriculum”) that will involve children to learn about life experiences through individual and group participation.
Each child learns and develops through play in the following areas:
inter personal skills
socio-emotional skills
comprehension skills
word skills, language skills
fine and gross motor skills
Independence in meeting their personal needs such as food, clothing, etc.
The Center environment promotes skills and concept development in preparation for elementary school with the VPK program, while encouraging problem solving and self-discovery.
The program includes weekly planned activities that are categorized by topics giving the teachers the opportunity to observe each child individually and assess their development in areas such as language arts, math, science and discovery, music, play outside and inside, creative movement, cooking, and more.
We start each day with prayer and once a week we go to Chapel to receive biblical instruction, which forms an integral part of Alpha & Omega Christian Learning Center.
When you enroll your child in our center, we assume the responsibility to assist you with special needs if required in relation to your child’s school adjustment, growth and development through:
Conferences regarding your child’s progress will be arranged twice a year upon request.
Observation and evaluation tests are given for screening purposes. You will be referred to professionals, if we observe that your child needs further evaluation.

Our center is open from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm; however our classes begin at 9:00 am. We encourage that children arrive before classes begin. Please make arrangements to be arrive at the center early.

Every day, we send home the “Daily Report” with all the information on how your child spent the day in the center.
We will maintain communication with you primarily through e-mail or letters sent home with your child. We do not want you to miss out on any upcoming events and important information.

You are welcome to celebrate your child’s birthday in our center. Parties have to be coordinated one (1) week in advance and will be celebrated during the afternoon snack at approximately 3:00 p.m. Celebrations cannot be more than two (2) hours long and only the immediate family is allowed to attend.
Parents must furnish all party supplies and are responsible to clean up the room. Please bring soft, wrapped candies. We do not allow gum or confetti.
The goodie-bags are to be given to the teacher. She will give them out to each child at the time of dismissal.
Due to liability issues, bounce houses, trains, etc. are not permitted. Clown shows are permitted.

The teacher is responsible for establishing rules for classroom management, according to the educational philosophy of the center. Consistent, positive, and constructive reinforcement motivates the child to behave appropriately. As God’s children, we glorify God when we are obedient.
Objective evaluation of the behavior.
Reconstructing the child’s environment to remove source of conflict or uncooperative behavior.
Positive interaction offering options and/or diversion, as well as setting limits.
Planning conferences with the parent, approaching the problem on a united front.
We will seek professional advice, if problem persists.
If a child shows repeated and extremely aggressive behavior, parent will be contacted to pick up the child. The child may not come to class, until he/she is seen and evaluated by a psychologist.
THE CENTER RESERVES THE RIGHT TO DISMISS ANY CHILD, if the child appears unable to participate in activities in an appropriate manner.
I have read the Behavior Management Procedures and I understand and agree with all above- mentioned terms.

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